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          Founded in 1997, Bee Line Support Inc. is a privately held, Certified Woman-Owned Commercial Cleaning business headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. We specialize in our medical-grade cleaning capabilities, and bring that same rigor to every medical, commercial, educational, hospitality, and industrial facility that we service daily. From startups to national branches, we provide the most efficient cleaning services, cutting-edge technology, well trained teams, project services, and immediate customer service available. When it’s all said and done, you can’t find a more innovative and all-inclusive professional cleaning company anywhere but with Bee Line Support.?

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          Comprehensive cleaning isn’t our only service, but it’s the one we hang our hat on. Our cleaning standards are designed for hospitals and surgical suites, and we bring that rigor to EVERY facility we service. Our bacteria-busting professionals clean millions of square feet spanning a range of industries nightly. ?

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          Are you a hard worker with a freaky attention to detail? If so, we’re always looking for people with a devotion to disinfection! If you’re looking for great paying, high-rewards custodial jobs, click below to apply!

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          We’re giving away 101 of our best-kept cleaning secrets.

          What can we say? We want you to stand out from the crowd, and look good doing it. Click the button below to get 101 actionable cleaning and safety tips from the leading experts in the Commercial Cleaning industry. Download the complete guide today!

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          Obsessive. Compulsive. Disinfection..

          We take clean seriously. So seriously that we go to great lengths to give every facility the TLC it deserves.

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